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My Last Drunk

January 05,2010
We broke into a vacant apartment in the projects and turned it into a clubhouse. The apartment was furnished with a mattress and milk crates. We drank Private Stock and Old English malt liquor. There were so many blunts being passed around, I didn’t smoke the same blunt twice. My judgment impaired, Fizz and I went into the bathroom. We had sex. When we went outside, the courtyard was spinning. I bent over a park bench and vomited. "Help me home," I asked a friend. He held Dee-Dee and me by our arms and helped us to my grandmother’s apartment building. I sat on the building’s steps. Dee-Dee passed out. Afraid my grandmother would know we were drunk if we went into the house together, I asked my friend to leave Dee-Dee in the building’s hallway. "I am not going to leave her here," he said. He carried Dee-Dee up three flights of steps. I knocked on the apartment door. "Hello," my grandmother said. "It’s me Nana." She opened the door. "Are ya’ll drunk?" Dee-Dee and I ended up on a bed. I vomited. Then Dee-Dee vomited. Too drunk to move, we slept in the vomit. That was the last time I got drunk.