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My Final Entry . . . for Now

November 15,2010
“I live a good, safe 12 miles from Boston,” she emailed me, “I'm tired of reading about the violence over my morning coffee and then not doing anything to make the situation better. My friends would like to help.” I sat at the table. Two white suburban women sat across from me. They introduced themselves. “I’m Sally.” “I’m Deb.” “I’m Talia,” I responded. They had read a 2008 Boston Globe article written about Villages Without Walls. Sally contacted me via the Boston Globe reporter. Sally and Deb wanted to help. They asked questions. I answered them. After an hour or so Sally mentioned her husband was a publisher. Besides God, my husband and two children, and the boys, it is writing that I love. Immediately I asked, “Would your husband read a book I began?” Sally said firmly, “If it isn’t good he’s going to tell you.” “All right,” I said. I sent Sally and Jess pieces of my book. After a series of emails he invited me to join Family Education as a blogger. Two years later, I’m a better writer who’s had the amazing opportunity to share pieces of me with 250,000 of you. And I’ve gained noteworthy mentors and friends in Jess and Sally. I quote Eugene Ionesco, “A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.” Farewell. For now.