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Letters from Jail

August 17,2010
At the sentencing of the young man who wrote the following letter, I shared with the judge that he was instrumental in securing a gang truce. I asked her to have mercy on him. And she did. He was facing 10 years, he got seven. Dear Talia, How are you? Hopefully blessed. Call it intuition if you will but I held back from writing you because I just knew that you were about to send me a kite [letter] of your own. True story! I’m doing well. The stress factor has declined something serious now that I have an idea of when I’ll be touching down [released]. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love and support Talia. Real talk. I appreciate you a whole lot T. On some real ish [stuff], I didn’t realize how powerful your voice was until I heard you speak last Wednesday. You had the most powerful delivery in the courtroom. I was just sitting down like, “Damn,” she’s a beast! I would like you to give my thanks and appreciate to the Reverend as well please. He’s so busy that I haven’t gotten to build with him on a personal note as I have with you though my love for him doesn’t depreciate because of it. I look forward to working with the both of you. For the 1st time I’m coming home with a future in mind that doesn’t involve slangin’ and bangin’. I know it’s gonna be tough but what isn’t nowadays? Even the easy stuff has become difficult. I just want to involve myself in something positive that has longevity and that I can be productive with my involvement in it. I’m bringing this letter to a closure but not before I wish you a good night and let you know that you are a very loved person. Why? Cuz I love you behind. Take care T. Till the next time pen meets pad, God bless and good night. Write me if the opportunity presents itself. Love Always… All the locked-up guys talk about changing their lives. But this one I believe. We just have to find him employment as soon as he gets out.