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I'm all over the place

March 04,2009
A HEARING This morning I attended a Massachusetts House of Representatives Ways and Means Public Hearing. Ugh. Our senators and state representatives, sitting behind tables on a stage, discussed the Executive Office of Health and Human Services budget. Nearly 15 delegates presented and participated. Two of them were minorities, four were women. The majority were older white men with gray hair. AT HARVARD The day before, I spoke at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government about grassroots innovations in the Criminal Justice Sector. I hate doing sessions like that, but a good friend invited me. After the meeting, a few of us debriefed. We talked about government and all that is wrong with it when it comes to equity and justice. “How do we even begin to repair a broken system?” I asked. Somebody said, “Blow it up.” And that is what I intend to do -- blow up the system. Not literally, but I am going to knock down old organizational structures and bulldoze outdated approaches and overhaul policy across the city and state. BACK TO THE HEARING Anyway, I am sitting there, wondering if these delegates are like I once was. Waiting in the audience to give testimony on behalf of all the gang-involved youth they know, convinced that to change the system they have to become powerful within the system, and so they turn to politics. But it is they themselves who are changed. BORED I read a fellow FamilyEducation blogger, Aliki (Professor Mom). Aliki, I think you frightened that new mom. TWITTER Then I wished I had Twitter linked to my phone. I’M ALL OVER THE PLACE I must have adult ADD.