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I squeezed the trigger

December 06,2008
I lifted it. My left hand on the barrel of a 9mm, my right hand tightly gripping the clip, and my index finger on the trigger. My heart is racing rapidly. “He deserves it,” I thought. He walked out of the building, and I squeezed the trigger. The bullet hit him in the head. I reloaded and squeezed again. Reloaded and squeezed yet again. I fired 243 shots and got 89 hits - 36% accuracy. Adrenaline was altering my common sense. Points are deducted when you hit an innocent victim. I hit three. As I was completing stage one, a homeless man lay across a city bench and I knowingly squeezed the trigger, hitting him in the head. When I was terminated, I put more quarters into the video game. As I was sweating, I was certain this must be how my boys feel after a mission.