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I can't hear.

August 28,2009
When I walked into the café, he was waiting for me. Another lunch meeting. I sat down. The café was busier than usual. Every table was occupied. The line was almost out the door. I had to speak loudly. "We are making a drastic change," I explained, "To a project that we have been working on for about a year. What are your thoughts?" I leaned close to him to hear what he was saying. "I think two things," he said. The door opened, I looked. The rowdy crowd and blaring voices distracted me. I leaned in closer. Then I paused, thinking "Did he just say what I thought he said?" "Can you repeat that?" I aksed. "Talia," he said, "you need to pray. You need to get guidance from God." I had barely heard him. The moment was emblematic of my life with God. I’ve so much been distracted by the loud noises around me that I can’t hear Him.