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Has Technology Become Human Behavior?

January 29,2009
The things that are necessity. It is incredible how the times have changed. We went from kerosene lamps, to gas lighting, to “clapping” lights on and off, to doing the same by simply walking into a room. We went from sending a message transmitted by telegraph, to sending and receiving written messages by mobile phone. What happened to the days when we just waited to make a phone call when we got home? What happened to the days when we would talk to build relationships? Has technology modified human behavior to such an extent that people can’t connect without instant messaging? A classmate told me that her son told her one day, “Mom, something is wrong with your phone; it keeps making this funny sound, ‘dun-dun-dun.’” (It was the sound of a busy signal.) Our children don’t understand what it means to wait. Has the world of technology really enhanced our abilities, or has it drastically changed the way we live? Has technology replaced human interaction? I am writing at 7:05 a.m., sitting on my bed, wrapped in a blanket, typing on my new notebook, with my BlackBerry at my side. And my husband is engaged in a game of Medal of Honor on his handheld gaming console.