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Election day

November 04,2008
Today felt like summer. Or maybe it’s that today was Election Day. The warm air brought out many people. The entire day was a matter of choice and selection for me. I stood in my closet this morning, deciding on what to wear. I chose my grey pinstripe slacks with a grey collar shirt and grey v-necked sweater and hat. I stood behind a dais this morning and selected what I will share with the room full of wealthy white women about my black (Afro-American tales). I chose to park my car at a meter for two hours and got a 25 dollar ticket. I went with a side order of coleslaw for lunch, instead of my usual chicken Caesar salad wrap without croutons. I elect everyday, carefully. Or so I like to believe. Was parking at the meter a careful selection? My husband would say “no.” Some would say choosing to wear grey was a bad decision. We make good and bad decisions everyday. One dictionary definition for “elect” is “chosen for salvation through divine mercy.” I pray America will elect someone to save America from falling. America needs divine intervention. Let’s elect, let’s nominate, let’s choose, let’s vote for someone to catch us all. If America falls – black people, white people, poor people, rich people, people with health insurance, people without health insurance, people with pensions, people without pensions, people who can pay their mortgage and people whose homes are being foreclosed, people who have jobs and people without jobs, people who can afford to send their children to college and people who can’t – all people will fall. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic by which it STANDS….” Elect who can bring America back to its feet.