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Dreaming and Imagining the Possibilities

February 20,2009
In the coffee shop I listened to two people sitting across from me talking about starting a new youth program. I remember being on the other side of the table. I remember when people listened to me go on and on about Villages Without Walls. I am not insinuating that Villages Without Walls has become a conglomerate; but I remember when it was nothing more than something that I thought about when I was lying in bed at night. But here was the problem in that coffee shop. The two people were talking to me about two different programs at the same time. I was confused. And then I thought, “Why another initiative? Why another agency?” But I don't want to hinder anyone’s dreaming because I also dream. What troubles me is that we are all trying to do something and doing nothing at the same time. Imagine the possibilities if our work wasn't fragmented. Imagine the possibilities if our city was better organized. Imagine the possibilities if no one person needed to say, "I did that."