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The broken elevator

November 23,2008
In preparation for our family’s mission trip to South Africa, my husband, our two children, and one of the young adults that I pastor went to a mall to pick up a few things. We parked our car in the mall’s parking lot and then entered the mall through the Macy’s store. That’s how we’d remember where the car is parked. We walked in and out of stores, searching for black shirts for my daughter and white button-up shirts for my son, toiletries for me, and Cajun cuisine for my husband. The mall was crowded because of the start of the holiday season. After hours of visiting Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Wet Seal, and CVS, we were ready to leave. We backtracked, walked all the way though Macy’s, headed for the car. We walked to the elevator and my son pressed the button, repeatedly. We stood there talking, not noticing that the elevator has not arrived. After a few minutes, an employee came over and told us that the elevator wasn’t working: “You have to use the set of stairs.” That’s when the excitement began. We followed the mall elevator to the different sections of the parking garage; we walked around grounds A, B, and C, and still no luck. We couldn’t find the car. It reminded me of the importance of not relying on one way of doing things. We never thought once to remember which section the car was in, because we were so dependent upon the elevator. The elevator in Macy’s failed us. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket or you might get lost. Instead, just remember that the car is parked in section B 216.