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The Blister

March 11,2009
Every day I take Levoxyl, a “man-made form of the hormone made by a healthy thyroid gland.” I have also been prescribed Zyrtec, to treat my allergy symptoms. After I took my pills this morning, I also did some Benadryl to relieve my itchy throat. It took me almost five minutes to get the Benadryl capsule out of the blister. I am not sure why, but the manufacturers use push blisters with an aluminum lid web and a thermoformed web base to protect the product. On the back of the blister it says: 1) Fold 2) Pull and 3) Or use – and it has a picture of a pair of scissors. I followed the instructions to fold but because the thermoformed web base is so durable it’s difficult to pull or push the capsule through. If I was thinking of over-medicating, I would have changed my mind by the time I actually got the capsule out of the blister. So is that a good or bad thing?