The Big Snowball Fight

Wed, 23/12/2009
Snow settled on the windowpane. I groaned as I lifted the window. Opening a project window was like lifting weights. I grabbed some snow. It was soft. Lured by its fluffiness, I ate some. The rest of it melted in my hand. I yelled, "Nana can we go outside?" "Stay in front of the door where I can see you," she said. Our friends were already outside, having a snowball fight. We joined in. Someone said, "Let's put a rock in the middle of a snowball and throw it at a car driving by." I picked up a rock. I put it in the snow and shaped it into a ball. A station wagon stopped at the red light. I reared back like a baseball pitcher and released the snowball. It shattered the station wagon's rear window. We ran and hid. When the light turned green the station wagon drove away. We came out of hiding to finish our snowball fight. I noticed a fat black woman walking down the street. And my cousin chasing Casey with a snowball. I laughed. Then the fat black woman tried to grab me. I ran. She chased me. She was fast. She grabbed me by my coat. She held me in the air, my feet off the ground. "Take me to your mother," she demanded. It was the woman in the station wagon. Tony yelled for our grandmother, "Nana!" My grandmother came to the window. "What's the matter?" "A fat black lady has Lia." The lady told my grandmother that I broke her car window. She and my grandmother sat at the kitchen table talking. I went into the bedroom. I never knew if my grandmother had to pay for the broken window. I stopped throwing things at cars after that.