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Army wives

October 14,2008
It is hard to believe that there are some children whose life dream is to serve our country. The little boy who admires the army uniform and raises his left hand to his head in salute to the flag of the United States of America. Boys and girls who mature into men and women, then risk their lives to protect ours. Every day a solider dies; every day a solider sacrifices. I love America, born in the USA, the home of the free and the land of the brave. On Sundays I stay up to watch my favorite television show, Army Wives. I cried tonight because I realized that the sacrifice that a solider makes is heroic, but the sacrifice of a soldier’s wife is like that of a martyr. The army wife gives up her right to the traditional marriage. The army wife gives up her right to raise her children the traditional way. The army wife gives up self to inspire her husband’s call to his post, to stamp him and ship him to Iraq. I know that it must be hard for the solider who is in combat to know that he has pledged to lay down his life for his country. But what seems harder is the army wife who knows that her husband has laid down his life for his country and, should that happen, she has to find the power to live. It must be difficult to think that at any moment the doorbell could ring. How does a wife prepare for something like that? I commend our soldiers, but pray for army wives.