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January 15,2009
More than 60 years of marriage, of being embraced by your husband, clasped in his arms just like-you-liked; but now you’re frightened by the touch of some strange man, by the feel of an unknown gentleman you spent a lifetime loved by. There is an indescribable heartache for the husband, or for the child who can remember many moments with Mom. But Alzheimer’s lost her memory. The children can remember their tenth birthday party and how mommy used to say the moment it crossed her mind, “I was in labor with you for eight hours.” But not anymore. It’s excruciating for the husband that remembers his wife walking down the aisle dressed in white, laced with vows, “In sickness and in health; till death do us part.” He weeps and weeps. Let’s appreciate being able to remember moments with our husbands and children, because remembering is not promised.