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Again, between two worlds . . .

July 28,2009
An unmarked police cruiser waited for me in the church parking lot. Two officers walked toward me. I knew them. We worked together. Still, this was unexpected. We greeted one another with hugs. "Hey, did you hear about Reverend Green," the Deputy Superintendent asked. "No," I replied. He explained. I kept looking at my watch. It was almost two o’clock. The boys would be here any moment. I hurried the conversation. Finally, it ended. I eased. They had left before any of the boys arrived. Or so I thought. My phone rang. "T," he said. "Why were you talking to the police? Were they looking for me? I watched everything that transpired." "Come and meet me so that we can talk," I said. He was there within five minutes. "T, I don’t trust you," he said, seriously. "You don’t know me," I said. "You have the right not to trust me but know that I would never put you in a compromising situation." "I got sources too, T. I am gonna check you out." Here I am again, in between two worlds. The cops and the gang.