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This Year's Lenten Challenge

February 20,2012

Last week I shared two books, The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and the Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hester.  The first was one I borrowed on loan from a friend to learn about the link between animal protein and health.  The second was a gift I have sitting in a special place on my kitchen desk, ready to use each week. 

While one book is a research book and the other a cookbook, they really came together to help lead me to this year's Lenten Challenge:

I'm going vegan for Lent.

I need to write that again, so it will help keep me accountable:

I'm eating no animal products whatsoever from February 22 until Easter on April 8.  Yep, vegan for Lent.

I have a couple friends in this challenge with me, but unlike the vegetarian challenge we did as a family two years ago, I am afraid I will probably be flying solo in the Sweet Pea family

Veganism is tough, especially for my sweet G who is a dairy-loving machine and R, who despite loving legumes and soy milk on missing pizza day at school for Lent.

I've done some research, had lots of antecdotal tips from friends and my mother-in-law who is now vegan, and I am ready to go.

If this challenge is anything like the vegetarian challenge from two year's ago, it will positively affect our diet to come.

So, my question to you is:  are you up to a challenge?  Maybe not veganism, perhaps vegetarianism?  If not giving up meat, perhaps trying to eat more whole grains?

Give it some thought, Lent starts on Wednesday!

Life is sweet,