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Wrapped Up

July 22,2009
While I know intellectually that my boys are growing every day, there are infrequent moments that seem to age them instantly. These random growth milestones aren't in the new parent parenting books. While the books discuss at great length about verbal development, they seldom pinpoint when you might get your first sassy, "okkkk mom!" Or while the experts can give you guidelines for physical development, they cannot tell you how cool it is when your child tackles *that one* piece of playground equipment they have always been too afraid to climb. In the same vein as sassy talk and conquering new playground fears, I've recently arrived at an unwelcome food development. But first, a little background: Since my first son R began solid foods, I enjoy making homemade food for him. What began as homemade baby food morphed into making homemade snacks and treats. We make lots of homemade granola bars, pudding, chips and even crackers. One of his favorites has always been homemade popsicles until... Last week I offered R a popsicle, expecting a big, "thanks mom!" Instead, he looked at me and said, "hmm, okay, but only if it the type that comes in a wrapper!" Me: Silence I didn't know what to say, so I just said, "well, we don't have any in wrappers, so you want something else?" We went on with our conversation and truth be told, I cannot even remember what he chose as his alternative to my non-wrapper/homemade popsicles. In this short conversation culminated weeks and weeks of being given much-cooler-than-homemade snacks at soccer, T-ball and other friends' homes. I get it. Food that is marketed to kids has stuff in it that appeals to kids. Time to come up with some new tricks to help him *want* to eat my healthier fare. But somehow I sense the struggle has only just begun... Now excuse me while I drown my sorrow in multiple homemade popsicles. I happen to have a few extra...do you want one? SPC