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Weather and Water

June 15,2009
We’re back from a weekend family camping trip. Despite the fact that both SPH and I were scouts growing up, we opted for sleeping in a cabin, not a tent. R convinced us to bring the tent with us, but the beds beckoned and we didn’t set it up this time. Perhaps later this summer we’ll do a backyard tent night. Despite the fact that technically summer does not begin for several more days, it sure feels like summer is here since the weather is hot. It was in the 70s before breakfast the other morning and the mercury just kept on rising. With the warmer weather, I tend to forget that with the heat, comes the need for the boys to drink more water and liquids. While it is often difficult to get the boys to slow down enough to get them to even take a sip of water, there are some tricks I have come up with to help encourage hydration without resorting to bribing them with juice boxes each time they need a drink. Tips for Hydration 1. Offer water often and make it accessible: Keep water bottles in the car, on trips to the park and offer it whenever you take a drink yourself. 2. Take advantage of quiet moments: If your little one doesn’t want to stop to drink something, remember to offer water during story time, craft time or other quiet, less active times. 3. Encourage water drinking at an early age to get them in the habit of drinking plain water. 4. Fun cups and straws: as most parents know, you can lead your child to the water, but you can’t always make ‘em drink, so try and make it fun…novel cups and even a simple twirly straw can help make drinking water fun. 5. Mix it up: use ice cubes, citrus wedges or other healthy add-ons to jazz it up a bit. Seltzer water (naturally flavored, unsweetened fruit flavored “fizzy water”) comes in different flavors for a new twist on water. 6. Think outside the cup: all fruit popsicles, homemade jell-o and even watermelon are ways to sneak in hydration without your child drinking a thing. 7. Come up with some sort of kiddie-cocktail to share with your little ones: R and I still have fun remembering our beach trip every time we make a “fancy beach drink.” 8. Buy special water bottles: Sigg has all sorts of kiddie water bottles and you can buy individual disposable bottles at most grocery stores. What are your tricks to keep kids hydrated when it is hot? SPC