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August 17,2009
I know it is cliche, but I can hardly believe that summer is ending so soon! Next week R embarks upon elementary school and kindergarten, so I'm soaking up these last few lazy (okay, so any day with children isn't truly *lazy*, but you get my drift) of summer before the school bus beckons. A cousin of mine shared this fun snack idea with me earlier this summer. The original recipe uses boxed Jell-o, but we used natural gelatin and juice to achieve our snacking fun without any additives. Need use for your already-bought Jell-o? More on that tomorrow... But to create a super-fun, tasty treat with your kids, start with: Use a spoon and separate the orange flesh from the rind, and hollow out the flesh: Pick up a box of old fashioned gelatin. The directions are the back of the box, but basically for every cup of liquid, you use one packet of gelatin. We used 4 navel oranges, which were filled with 3 cups of white grape juice, mixed with 2 tablespoons honey and gelatin. I then poured the gelatin mixture into each orange half and placed them in the fridge to firm up and set: After a couple hours, I sliced them like so: And shared them with the Sweet Peas: Who were quite happy to gobble up their "oranges!" SPC