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The Vegetables are Growing!

July 07,2011

The vegetable plants are growing, the vegetable plants are growing!  Sure, there is nothing to harvest quite yet, but our little tiny seedlings from a few weeks ago are starting to make some real growth and progress:

Little G is almost lost in the garden.  And check out those tiny vegetable  flowers!  It’s a good sign and the first step to actual vegetables in our garden.  We’d been hoping the bees have found their way to the garden to start pollinating our flowers to help them transform into little tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, cucumbers and okra.  Then I discovered:

A tiny Japanese eggplant!

Tiny tomatoes!

Tiny peppers!

While we’ve been hoping for bees, we’re hoping that pretty much all the other critters in our yard continue to stay away.  We live awfully close to a ravine that boasts a healthy deer population.  Also, rabbits and other suburban creatures are abundant.  In fact, we’ve been known to yell “shoo!” to bunnies we see lurking close the vegetable area (something that G in particular takes delight in doing).

So far the plants have been granted a pass, which I am not sure is due to sheer luck, the fence/wall or the fact that this area of our yard long was a non-vegetable garden (ie, the animals long stopped calling since there was a dearth of good things to eat).  Whatever the case, we are thankful that the plants are continuing to grow and we edging ever closer to eating produce we grew from seed!

Life is sweet,