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Two Great Books with One Great Goal

February 16,2012

It all started with my friend M, who I visited one day last summer and saw a Vegan Cookbook on her counter.  I asked her:

"Do you follow a vegan diet?"

"Yes," she sheepishly replied.

I thought it was great, impressive, really.  It turns out, some of her friends and family did not.  Whether misinformation or misunderstanding, lots of people in M's life had a really negative reaction to her Veganism.

Not long after the brief discussion in her kitchen, she offered for me to borrow a copy of the book:


The China Study is an in-depth description of Dr. T. Colin Campbell's work in the field of protein and its role in our health.  A highly respected researcher, he traces his research from the dairy farm on which he was raised all the way to Asia, where he was summoned to conduct work on helping ease starvation in poverty-stricken areas.

As a result of Campbell's work in Asia, he discovered a causal link between the increase in animal protein and many health issues, including cancer, heart disease, MS and more.  His book is packed with data upon data outlining the link and his strong belief that a whole-foods, whole grain diet rich in vegetables and fruit is the only way to eat.


I am not usually held rapt by a research-laden book, but this one had me staying up late so I could read just one more chapter.

So, I started researching Veganism and then came across this wonderful, right-up-my-alley book:


Vegan food for my slow cooker?!  Sign me up!

Author Kathy Hester's recipes are flavorful, healthy and international.  I love her helpful tips about easy substitutions and what you can do the night prior to help dinner come together even quicker the next morning.

So, why am I sharing both of these books with you?  I'll keep you in suspense until the next post...

Life is sweet,