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Tuesday's Tip: Whey to Go

August 09,2011

One of my favorite tips to share with friends and family who love Greek Yogurt is that you can make your own Greek Yogurt at home.  When someone looks at me sideways when I suggest this, perhaps anticipating a complete yogurt-making lesson, I share my simple tip:

All you need to transform your regular plain yogurt into delicious Greek yogurt is a strainer and some plain paper towels or a coffee filter.  Since Greek yogurt has the same ingredients and make-up as regular yogurt, all you need to do is strain the extra liquid or whey from the yogurt to make it Greek.

Greek yogurt has soared in popularity in the last couple of years and the price reflects its’ popularity. Greek yogurt is often sold for double the price of regular yogurt.  To save money you can make your own Greek yogurt, and to really maximize your savings, use this week’s Tuesday’s Tip:

When straining yogurt, do not discard the whey or liquid that you remove from it.  Instead, use the whey as a substitute for buttermilk in any recipe.

I love this tip since I don’t often buy buttermilk since I usually don’t have cause to use a whole carton of it when a recipe calls for a ½ cup.  Since I started using the whey from straining my own yogurt, I have replaced buttermilk in a pancake and muffin recipe to surprisingly delicious results, with no noticeable difference in taste.

The acidity in buttermilk very closely matches the acidity in yogurt whey, and the consistency is very similar.  The only difference you will notice is that yogurt whey is clear, while buttermilk is opaque white.  Other than this minor difference, we have used whey in place of buttermilk with great success!

Next up, trying yogurt whey to marinate either chicken or fish in a oven fried recipe.  I’ll be sure to share the result!

Life is sweet, especially when you figure out a way to save money,