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Tuesday's Tip: Reheating Pizza

October 04,2011

I love cold pizza.  In fact, I have been known to have a leftover piece of cold pizza as part of my breakfast, choosing to eat it cold rather than reheating it.  Am I alone?  I don’t think so...if my teenage years and college days prove anything, it is that teens and twenty-somethings love cold pizza.

Perhaps a love of cold pizza is a taste you develop in your early teens, since neither of my boys will touch a piece of cold ‘za.  I’ve tried to convince R and G  that they are missing out on a culinary delight, but they remain steadfast:  cold pizza equals yuck.

All this to say that we reheat a lot of pizza in our home and up until this summer when my uncle shared this great tip, we always used our oven or microwave oven to reheat our pizza.  The problem?  Well, the microwave heats the pizza nicely, but it loses its delicious crispy crust and turns a bit soggy.  And the regular oven takes a long time to reheat a pizza slice...an eternity actually if you have a hungry boy or two waiting on the pizza.

So enter my uncle’s tip, which I am deeming this week’s Tuesday’s Tip:  to reheat pizza relatively quickly, without losing the terrific crunch of the pizza crust, don’t look to your oven, instead, turn on your stove top!

Reheating pizza slicing in a covered skillet works like a charm!  Simply heat your pan to medium/medium-low and place your slices in the skillet:


Cover and wait about 3-4 minutes.  The result?  Deliciously warm pizza!

Since every pan is a bit different, make sure you keep a close eye on the pizza the first time you do this, just so you don’t end up with a burnt crust.

Life is sweet,