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Tuesday's Tip: Power Clean

April 06,2010
Today’s Tuesday’s tip is inspired by a playdate R, G, and I had with our good friends Sarah, and her two little sweet peas, A and CJ. Sarah and I met about 18 months ago through a local moms’ group and became fast friends. We grew up in adjacent towns outside of Cleveland, eventually made our respective ways to Columbus and, get this, our children are exactly the same ages. R and A’s birthdays are 5 days apart in 2004 and G and CJ’s birthdays are mere weeks apart in 2007. We have a lot in common. Add to this that A and R were assigned the same kindergarten class and we see a lot of each other, which is always a fun treat. Anyway, Sarah and her husband Karl recently became proud owners of a mega-blender, a blender to put all other blenders to shame. Karl had done his research, and ordered a blender that can take a whole strawberry, stem and all, and create a super smooth smoothie treat. This powerhouse blender can puree almost anything into a smooth, refreshing drink, as evidence by the fact that my boys, who usually don’t like smoothies, were inhaling what we deemed a “popsicle slushie.” (Side note: another example that sometimes getting your kids to eat healthfully is just a matter of marketing the food in the correct way). While Sarah and I were planning to get a blender party together (“we could do hummus!” “margaritas!” “cool soups”), in the back of my mind I started to wonder if the blender would be a hassle to clean. After all, whenever I make hummus in our food processor, getting all the little chickpea and tahini bits out from under the blade component of the processor can be a pain. That’s when Karl stepped in to share this GREAT tip. Today’s Tuesday’s Tip: To clean a blender, food processor or mixer, simply empty the contents of the appliance. Once you get out all the yummy concoction from the blender, simply add a couple cups of warm water and blend. Adding water to your blender or processor and letting it go a whirl will let the appliance do the tough part of cleaning itself. Of course you will still have to run it through the dishwasher, but no more gritty food bits will be left behind. SPC