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Tuesday's Tip, Part Two

September 22,2009
As I was making our gunk-less tacos last week, I was getting ready to assemble the taco shells when I had a thought: how can I keep the bottom of each taco from getting sogging and falling apart? Does this happen to you? I plate the boys' dinners, and by the time SPH and I get around to making our tacos, the liquid from the meat or beans has soaked into the shell, hence compromising the strength of the taco shell. :) After the first bite of their taco, the bottoms split and taco innards go everywhere. Trust me, in our house, "hard" taco shells are messy enough without them falling apart on their own. I realized that the traditional way to assemble taco shells may be the culprit. I grew up eating tacos that were assembled as such: *Meat/beans on the bottom *Cheese next, so it can melt a bit from the warm meat or beans *Followed by lettuce, tomato, olives, sour cream and salsa But, last week I instead layered as such: A minor change, but the shells stayed intact quite nicely. And yes, it would be easier to use soft shells. We use soft shells about 90% of the time, but hard shells are a fun (and now, a little less messy), special treat. SPC