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Tuesday's Tip: Oil First

January 18,2011

Perhaps it is all the baking I anticipate this week that made me think of this tip to share for today, but whatever the reason, this is one tip I cherish.

It used to be that whenever a recipe called for honey, molasses, maple syrup, or corn syrup I would struggle to get all of the item out of the measuring cup and into the recipe.  Clean-up was a big mess until I was told of today’s Tuesday’s Tip:

When measuring sticky items in a measuring spoon or cup, spray or coat the measuring tool with a neutral oil.  

Doing so will accomplish two things:  first, it will make cleaning up your measuring spoon or cup a breeze compared to going without.  Second, using oil will make your resulting measurement much more accurate, as there will be less “sticky stuff” in the spoon or cup after you pour it into your mixture.

See?  In goes the honey, after the measuring cup was sprayed with canola oil:

Out comes the oil easily:

And all that remains is a mere trace of the honey:


And now clean-up is a breeze!