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Tuesday's Tip: The Kitchen Sink

January 12,2010
Next time your sink smells a bit funky or your disposal is not working at peak performance, don’t reach for any chemical cleaners, just reach for a few common kitchen food items. The first line of defense against a slightly clogged/smelly drain is good ole’ baking soda and vinegar. Pour some baking soda down the drain, and add vinegar. The resulting fizz will not only dislodge small food bits, but can help sanitize and clean your drain. Bonus: kids think this is fun, creating a “volcano” in your sink. If your drain is really clogged, follow the baking soda and vinegar treatment with a pot of nearly boiling water. Did you also know that you can use ice cubes to sharpen your garbage disposal blades? Simply pack the disposer with ice cubes and run with a bit of cold water. Although it sounds horrible, this action is actually helping sharpen the blades that run in your disposal. Adding a few citrus peels with the ice will also help freshen the drain. Now your kitchen sink will be smelling happy and working like a champ. SPC