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Tuesday's Tip: International Flavor, Inexpensive Cost

July 26,2011

We love to try international cuisines.  For me, it is like a journey to another country without leaving our kitchen.  For the boys, it is an opportunity to try new foods, and find new combinations of flavors to love.  For all of us, it is a way to explore healthful foods and just have fun.

Recently, we had some friends and their boys over for some Vietnamese food.  I was working on my grocery list, which included:

rice paper wrappers
rice noodle vermicelli
fish sauce
rice wine vinegar
bean sprouts

...among other items.  When I find my shopping list heavy on international items, I make sure to take a trip to one of our local international grocery stores.

Check out if your surrounding area has an international market or in our case, specialized markets:  we have an Indian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Asian grocery store all within close range.  Besides being a fantastic way to explore other cultures, these grocery stores always carry their specialty international items for less than traditional grocery stores.

Case in point:  a 16 ounce container of tahini, a component in hummus and other Mediterranean foods, costs more than $7.00 at our local traditional grocery store.  Recently though, SPH found the same amount for $2.99 at the Middle Eastern grocery.

Our local Asian grocery store, which I visited for the above items, had prices 30-50% less than what I find in the traditional stores.  While not all international grocery stores may be as local and convenient for you to visit, my Tuesday’s Tip for the week is this:

Make out a long list of frequently used international pantry items and visit your closest international grocery store.  Stock up for savings and explore new cultures through your kitchen!

If you need a little inspiration, try making some Summer Rolls:

A fun dinner, that’s fun to make!