Tuesday's Tip: Handle with Care

Tue, 27/09/2011

This week’s tip is quick and simple but super important, especially if you have a busy kitchen.  

Our kitchen is most busy during the time between we call “time for dinner!” and actually sitting down to eat.  Between the “did you put the pepper flakes on the table?” (from SPH) to “G forgot to give us napkins!” (from R, when it is G’s turn to set the table), we have lots of trips from the kitchen table to the kitchen counter.

Since during that “right about to sit down to dinner” time our sink sometimes gets loaded up with dishes used to make dinner, there is usually a pile of stuff in the sink, but I try to make sure that there is one thing we never put in the sink:

Our knives.

Knives are thin and slender and very easy to get lost amongst a pile of dirty dishes in the sink.  After a number of close calls of loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher, I decided to be deliberate in placing the dirty knives at back counter behind our sink.

This simple placement of knives will save you and your family from cuts and nicks on your fingers and hands.

Life is sweet,