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Tuesday's Tip: Fresh Ice Cream

June 14,2011

We have a fairly new tradition in the Sweet Pea family, one we started two school years ago:  every first and last day of school is celebrated with a trip to a local ice cream store for a celebratory cone.  It began when R was a wee bit apprehensive about his first day of Kindergarten.  He was 99% excited for his first day of school, but to help appease the 1% of anxiety, I promised Jeni’s* once I picked him up for school.

G was smart enough to request ice cream to celebrate his first day of preschool, and it continued for the last day and both the first and last day of school this year.  I have to tell you, it is a favorite tradition for all of us, which isn’t surprising, since who doesn’t love ice cream, custard or sorbet?

Summer is meant for frozen treats and there is nothing quite like a freshly scooped ball of ice cream.  Here’s a simple way to keep your ice cream at home as fresh as your favorite ice cream parlor.

Once you open and scoop some ice cream, layer a piece of waxed paper on top of the container and cut around it, leaving about an inch extra border:

Then gently press the waxed paper down so it touches and covers the remaining ice cream.  The extra border will provide full coverage on the sides of the container:

When you are ready for another scoop, or even seconds, simply remove the waxed paper, scoop, and recover the ice cream...assuming there is any left in the container!

Life is sweet,

*Jeni’s is our favorite ice cream place in the world.  The owner Jeni Britton just published her first ice cream cookbook.  If you have an ice cream maker, you *must* check out her book!