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Tuesday's Tip: Fresh Herbs

May 17,2011

After yesterday’s post of Herb and Chickpea Salad, which uses a good amount of fresh herbs, today I share a great way to keep fresh herbs fresher, longer.

Fresh herbs in the grocery story are often sold like this:

But whether you buy them or harvest them from your own garden like this mint (which, if you are a novice and want something easy to grow, mint will grow anywhere):

There are a few quick steps that you can take to make your herbs last much longer, and stay fresher.

First, when you bring herbs into your kitchen, whether from a package or your garden, rinse them in a colander:

Second, let the herbs air dry a bit.

Next, pour some water in a cup and place the ends of each herb stem in the water, much like you would some fresh cut flowers:

Lastly, make sure no leaves are sitting in the water.  They will rot and cause the herbs to wilt more quickly.

Finally, change the water in the cup every few days.

With these simple tips, I have had herbs last up to two weeks in our refrigerator.  This helps, especially if you have bought an herb like dill, that you might not use every day.