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Tuesday's Tip: Fresh (frozen) Parsley

February 21,2012

Someone once asked me what was my favorite food of summer.  After some thought, I replied that fresh herbs, plentiful and only a few steps away in my own garden, were my favorite "food" of summer.

I love fresh herbs and once the fall comes, I find myself trying all sorts of tricks and manners to save the freshness of my herbs.  As I type, I still have mint and wee bit of parsley growing in a pot, right near my sunniest window.  But basil and other herbs have long gone by the wayside.

Want a way to preserve the fresh herb taste well into the winter?  Use this tip:

Fresh herbs that have been rinsed and dried can be simply layered on a dry paper towel:


Then layered in a stack, placed in an airtight container, and frozen just like this:



Once ready to use the herb, simple pull out a layer or two and use just like fresh herbs.  This is the closest you will ever come to fresh herbs if you don't have a plant growing in your yard.

Here's a bonus second tip:  if you buy fresh herbs from the grocery, and have leftover herbs, freeze them too, before they get old or mushy.

Because fresh herbs do taste better than dried!