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Tuesday's Tip: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

November 15,2011

I read an interview recently with a chef and she was asked what her favorite food ingredients were to have on hand.  

One of her two answers?  Lemons.  I agree!

Lemons are so versatile and helpful to a cook, I try never to be without one in the kitchen.  They can be used in desserts, main dishes, and drinks, to add extra pizazz.  Lemons brighten almost any dish to which they are added with their citrus acid punch.  You can add them to everything from salad dressings, frostings, soups, grilled items and roasted vegetables.  Other than salt, I think nothing adds flavor to such a wide variety of foods like lemon.

The great thing about lemons is that when you add their amazing flavor, you are also adding vitamin C and other healthful anti-oxidants.  Try claiming that with other flavor enhancers!

There are countless methods I have seen to squeeze lemon juice from the lemon without getting the seeds in the food.  I’ve seen reamers, juicers and other gadgets, while chefs often just use their hands in any combination of ways to prevent seeds falling into the food.

But recently I’ve come across this idea, and I thought I would share it:

Using a sieve prevents any seeds from getting in your food, and makes squeezing your lemon, easy peasy!

Life is sweet,