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Tuesday's Tip; Dry Erase to the Rescue

March 09,2010
We’ve been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms lately it seems, as both R and G need minor surgeries in the coming weeks. While they play in the waiting rooms, blissfully (somewhat) ignorant of the surgical road that awaits them, I scan the magazines. There are a lot of old magazines in waiting rooms, so when I find a good tidbit from the limited supply of reading materials (note to self: remember to bring your own magazine or book next time we go to the doctor!) I get excited. This tidbit I gleaned from one of the magazines I recently scanned really got me excited because it is so simple and so brilliant. The idea was to use a dry erase marker to write on the outside of reusable food containers. This works in so many ways: --when SPH needs to take his lunch into work and can’t quite tell which food container has his lunch in it, I can write on it “SPH,” or his real name. --for leftovers I want to pop into the freezer. Many, many times I have told myself, I will remember what food item is in this container, only to find it weeks later and wonder, “is this jambalaya or chili?” --I often make homemade vegetable dips inside sour cream containers. Now I write “Veggie Dip” on the container so I don’t make the mistake of thinking I have sour cream on hand, only to need it in a recipe and find that it is dip. --As my boys get older, I can see myself writing on containers “snack” or “R’s lunch” to help give the boys more independence in finding food for themselves. Really, the ideas are endless. I just love that a simple rub with a cloth removes the writing and you are ready to re-write as needed. So my Tuesday’s Tip is to dry erase mark your food! SPC