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Tuesday's Tip; Check it out

January 26,2010
Here's a quick tip to help you in your kitchen that you may have never considered. Have you ever checked out your local library's cook book collection? I know, I know, many home cooks don't even rely on cook books anymore, preferring to rely on the Internet to search for recipes. But there are so many great cook books out there, and I venture to guess your local library has a good selection. I too love searching for recipes on the Internet. It is easy and quick and can be a real time saver. But I also love books. Holding books, savoring the pictures and the feel of slowing down to read. Cook books can offer a new perspective or inspiration for your kitchen. Up until a few years ago, I don't think I had ever considered the library as a resource for cook books. But with weekly and sometimes twice-weekly library visits in our family's routine, I eventually thought to visit my favorite library's cook book section. I was blown away! Great cook books were plentiful, and best of all, free for the borrowing. So next time you hit the library with your kiddos, load 'em up with some good books and then tell them you are heading to get some books of your own. SPC