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Tuesday's Tip: Candy Meltdown

October 26,2010
Yesterday I shared that SPH and I do our best to help expedite the consumption of our massive Halloween candy cache. What I neglected to mention is that the folks in our community are very, very generous in their candy distribution and that our hoard of candy is more than enough to keep two little boys and SPH’s office mates very happy with the amount of candy consumed. If you don’t have hungry coworkers to help expend your candy collection, here are some other tips for candy unloading for this week’s Tuesday’s Tip: *Pass It On: Senior and Assisted Living homes are willing receivers of candy, as are other local entities such as firehouses and some food banks. Just be sure to call first, but the assisted living home that was down the street from where I lived a few years ago was thrilled to have the candy for some of its residents and also to have out for guests. *Trade It In: Many dentists offer trade-in programs for the candy. I’ve heard of small toys and other gifts that dentists offer to children who bring in their candy. Beware though, a friend told me how her neighbor’s daughter tried to “trade-in” a small pittance of candy (she had kept the rest), and the dentist was on to her. *Bake It Up: Last year the boys and I baked a Candy Cheesecake. I had them pick out a bunch of candy to include in the baking, and they willingly turned over a couple dozen candy bars. While I only needed a few of them for the cheesecake, they were thrilled to use some of their loot for a new treat. *Blow it Up: Okay, don’t actually blow it up, but rather use it for a science experiment or two. Check out these ideas for using the candy for science experiments. This also may serve as a good launching point for a discussion on how candy is made for older children. *Trade it Up: My cousin lets her girls eat all the candy they like on Halloween night, and then before they go to bed they leave all their candy out on the front door step for the candy fairy to collect. The candy fairy then leaves them a toy or gift in return. Never mind that her girl’s are definitely old enough to be on to this ruse, it works. *Eat It Up: Slowly but surely. Keep the candy on hand for special treats for months to come. What’s your trick for using up your Halloween Candy? SPC