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Trying Casaba

June 22,2009
Looking for a simple way to interest your child in healthy eating? Trying letting them pick out something from the produce section next time you go grocery shopping. Fruit is a good choice, since most fruit is sweet and ready to eat, instead of needing elaborate cooking or baking first. My cousin Chelsea grew up taking turns with her brothers to pick out the fruit of the week. During a recent grocery shopping trip, I let R do the same. He chose, drumroll please: A casaba! No one in our family had ever eaten a casaba before, so the bonus was that we all were able to try something new. Before we cut into the fruit, we each took turns guessing: “What color will it be inside?” “Will there be any seeds or a pit?” “What will it taste like?” I had a few hunches since it looked like a melon to me, but I kept my thoughts to myself. R guessed that it would be yellow inside, with seeds and would taste very sweet. I guessed it might be orange-ish, like a cantaloupe, with a pit (just to keep things interesting) and would taste sweet. We opened it up and found: A white fruit inside! Resembling a honeydew that lost some of its pigment, the Casaba was a sweet tasting melon that was refreshing on a hot summer day. I wonder what G will pick next time we go to the grocery… SPC