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True-ly Good

August 10,2009
A few weeks ago I shared some tips for keeping your kids hydrated during the summer. In our family, the boys are more than willing to down a juice box or sugar-y drink wherever, whenever. But getting regular ole' water in them can sometimes be a challenge. One idea that we've used fairly successfully with our boys is the use of "fancy-ing up" their water. A slice of lemon, lime, orange or even cucumber can sometimes make water a little more novel, but we don't always have fresh slices at our fingertips. The makers of True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange contacted me after they read my original post to see if I would be interested in trying their product: It's all natural and unsweetened, so I figured I would give True Lemon a try. The result? True Lemon could be the best thing to happen to water since the first slice of lemon was ever dropped in a glass. It's flavor is fresh, not artificial, crisp and offers just the right level of tartness. I was sold from the first glass, but wondered what R and G would think. R and G like it too, and so far, the novelty of having a "true lemon drink!" is helping them drink more water. They also love feeling grown-up and pouring the little packet in their drink all by themselves. Here's the cool thing too: since it naturally dried lemon, it offers some of the same uses as fresh lemon. I sprinkled some of it on top of some apple slices we were packing up to take to the zoo. The result? No browning! Want to try some True Lemon? Click on over to True Lemon's website for a free sample. SPC