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Transition Time

December 26,2011

After a holiday-a-thon of visiting family and friends, exchanging probably too many gifts and definitely eating more than usual, this week is best described as transition time for our family.

We use the term “transition time” with the boys whenever they are waaaay ramped up before bed time as a way to signal it is time to slow down and get ready for bed.  (Side note:  we needed lots of transition time in the past week, especially on Christmas Eve!)  While this week isn’t about getting ready for bedtime, it is about slowly transitioning back into regular time.

The fever pitch of the holidays reached its peak this past weekend with Christmas.  What a wonderful time of the year...both the boys, but especially R, love the holidays, but with a peak, also comes a descent back into our regular day-to-day lives.  

I love our daily lives, and quite honestly, couldn’t sustain the excitement and activity of the holidays for long.  But our whole family laments the loss of Christmas anticipation and all its fun. our family returns to a regular pace and prepares for the new year, I am preparing for a new year of blogging.  I have some great ideas to share with you, especially some wonderful new tips that I gathered, mostly from my mom, over the holidays.  I have some new recipes that will keep your eating on track in the New Year.  But I also ask you:

What sorts of recipes, tips and other ideas are you looking for in your kitchen?  Email me at:  Your question just might inspire a future post!

In the meantime, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

Life is sweet,