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November 28,2011

On my calendar it still reads “November” but it certainly looks and feels more like December and the holisdays in our neck of the woods.  Really, the slow transformation from Autumn celebrations to Christmastime began before Thanksgiving, as it really seemed like more and more folks were putting up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  I am old school when it comes to Christmas:  let the turkey have it’s day before you put up the holly and the ivy.

But even old school folks like me no doubt have the holidays on their minds now.  Stores, cities and neighbors have been decking their halls in earnest, the Sweet Pea Family included. So just as the transformation from Autumn to the Winter holidays happened over the weekend, I want to share two favorite ways transform your Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you caught my post last week, I suggested you freeze some diced turkey and sweet potatoes for new uses this week or beyond.  Both are enchilada recipes and I think it is fair to say you won’t be thinking about Thanksgiving at all when you taste them.

The first is a recipe I created last year and shared on this site for Black Bean and Turkey Enchiladas

Mild green chilies and southwestern spices combine to transform turkey to a Mexican feast.

The second is also an enchilada recipe, using, of all things, sweet potatoes.  Of all my different enchilada recipes (we eat Mexican a *lot* in our family), this is my hands’ down favorite.  Click here for the recipe for Sweet Potato, Spinach and White Bean Enchiladas.

I hope these recipes will help use your leftovers in a new creative way.  If you are looking for different ideas, here’s a few other easy ideas for your turkey:

*Make BBQ Turkey Pizza:  Coat the pizza crust with barbecue sauce and top with turkey, mozzarella cheese, red onion and cilantro

*Add the turkey to an Asian Stirfry

*Make Turkey Tetrazini

*Use the turkey in a quesadilla

There are lots of other great ideas out there--what’s your favorite way to do leftovers?