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Top 5 Easy Homemade Romantic Dinners

February 13,2012

Love is in the air and it is T minus 1 day and counting until Valentine’s Day.  Do you have something special cooked up for your loved one?

SPH and I aren’t big fans of going out on Valentine’s Day.  Many restaurants have only set menus with limited offerings, and quite frankly, they inflate the prices since the demand for special Valentine’s Day meals is huge.

Why not make something at home that will “wow!” your special person?  Here are my top 5 Romantic Dishes, all of which are fairly simple to make:

1.  Slow Cooker Orange Chicken:  The flavors here are vibrant, yet smooth and fresh.  Prep this recipe in the morning and you can have it cook all day, giving you time to spend with your loved one, instead of working in the kitchen.

Serve over grits and with a side of green beans and you have a really lovely meal:

2.  Dressed-Up GnocchiGnocchi is a food of love, soft little pillows of goodness.  Taking simple steps to add extra flavor, you can transform it into an amazing dish!

3.  Chili Lime Salmon:  Sure, folks think first of oysters as the seafood of love, but Salmon is pink (ahhh...perfect for the holiday) and very heart-healthy.  The flavors of this dish will really spice up your dinner!

4.  Pomegranate Braised PorkAphrodite is said to have chosen pomegranate as her favorite fruit, the fruit of love.  Use this mythological fruit of love to create melt-in-your mouth tender pork

5.  Zucchini Alfredo:

Substitute long slices of zucchini in lieu of pasta.  Long, tasty zucchini “noodles” that are a ton of fun to eat.

Here’s hoping that your Valentine’s Day is extra sweet!