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Thanksgiving Eve

November 25,2009
If you are like the Sweet Pea family you have traveled or are traveling today to connect with some family for the big holiday tomorrow. We arrived at my parents' home last night to the sound and smell of my mom preparing some sausage and fennel for her famous Thanksgiving stuffing. Aren't the smells of the holidays great? This morning SPH, G and I (R stayed behind to play with Grandpa) arrived at the local grocery when they opened to ensure we would have our share of oysters for the Scalloped Oysters SPH always makes for our Thanksgiving dinner. The stores were already stirring and it is almost as if you stood really quietly, you could hear the kitchen preparations all around you. SPH and my dad were at it after we returned from the store, brining a full turkey and turkey breast, readying it for tomorrow's turkey smoking. The applewood and cherry wood are soaking in wood too, and tomorrow, very early, they will rise and prepare the smoker for the turkeys. We've smoked our turkeys in the last couple of years and while I am not a huge fan of roast turkey, smoked turkey is divine. I've prepped the cranberry salsa for tomorrow, and I am making a few last alterations to a new pumpkin pie I am going to try, one that has a almond struesel topping. If its a keeper, I'll share it in time for your Christmas or other holiday meals in December. Last but not least, my mom has bought some of our favorite sandwich bread, all ready for the turkey-and-all-the-fixin's sandwiches on Friday. Have wonderfully delicious Thanksgiving All- SPC