The Super Bowl Cometh

Tue, 27/01/2009
My brother, who lives in Southern California, once commented that friends who have avocado trees always experience a rash of avocado thefts this time of year. As one who loves avocados and could eat guacamole by the bowlful, I can understand why this fruit is so coveted. But why is there a rash of avocado swiping now? Super Bowl Guacamole. It seems as though football fans need their guacamole fix for the big game, and they sometimes go to pretty extreme measures to get their avocados. I recommend Trader Joe’s for some good avocado prices. As for a recipe, I have a short and sweet one that gets gobbled up every time it is made. Beyond being good for the big game, guacamole is a really kid-friendly snack. R has always loved a good batch of guacamole, and this (along with his love of kiwi) has taught him that not all green things taste, well, "green." Guacamole is also a great food for getting kids involved with cooking, a key step in motivating your little ones to try new, yummy foods. So gather up some avocados from the store and whip up this easy recipe. There are a million different versions, but this one is about as simple as they come. Super Bowl Guacamole 2 large avocados, cut in half, scooped out into a bowl 1/3 cup red onion, diced Juice of 1 lime 2 tablespoons cilantro, minced (optional) ½ teaspoon salt Combine all ingredients in a bowl: Mix: So easy a preschooler can do it! SPC