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Stuck a feather in his hat...

February 18,2011

Monday is President’s Day and while certain holidays conjure up images of specific foods with which to celebrate, President’s Day does not.  There is no “President’s Day Turkey” or “President’s Day Cookies” to which you can automatically default for this holiday celebrating some of this country’s most famous Presidents.

So how’s this for a way to celebrate—use macaroni , which was first introduced to this country by President Thomas Jefferson, (a fact I learned on this very website) and undoubtedly one of our great presidents.

Now, take the macaroni Jefferson introduced to America and add some very, very American foods:  pork barbecue, baked beans and coleslaw and voila, you have President’s Day Macaroni.  Of course, if you aren’t a big barbecue fan you could dress up your macaroni any which way you wish and still share with you family that Jefferson introduced us to this most famous pasta.

President’s Day Macaroni

½ pound macaroni, cooked according to package instructions
½ pound pork barbecue (use this easy slow cooker recipe of mine)
1 -15 ounce can baked beans
½ batch Texas Coleslaw

Serve ¼ of the macaroni in a bowl:

Top with some baked beans:

Add the pork barbecue and coleslaw, and now you’re talkin’:

Serves 4

A fun twist on a classic American meal, served over a pasta introduced to this country by a classic American president.