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Spring Forward

February 01,2010
Happy February. True, it is only the first day of February, and we are still a ways from spring. Tomorrow Punxsutawney Phil will tell us exactly how far away spring might be, but nonetheless, I know that spring is still weeks away. But despite being still in the middle of winter, the other day I received a welcome reminder that while it may feel like the dead of winter, others are quickly preparing for spring and summer. It was an email from New Century Farms that read: "It’s that time of year, time to sign up for the 2010 season. Over the past three months we’ve been preparing for the upcoming CSA season." What's a CSA? If you are new to this blog or aren't quite sure, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a co-operative supporting a local farm. Last year, our family bought a share of produce from New Century Farms and enjoyed the bounty of the farm from May to September. When the weekly farm deliveries stopped last autumn, I mourned the loss of weekly fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables each week. The winters can be long in Ohio, so I sniffed as I thought of how long it would be before we would be enjoying fresh produce again. So here we are, in the middle of winter, and yet the email from New Century set my thoughts to spring. To summer. To warmer weather. To going barefoot, wearing short sleeves and to eating our meals outside. Ahh... (Pause for you to imagine summer) It will be here before we know it! SPC