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Sneaking Treats

May 26,2009
Chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you are a parent and you have an interest in healthy eating for your family. I have no way of knowing exactly who reads this blog, I am just guessing for guessing’s sake. As much as I try to be a good food role model for the boys, there are times when I want to sneak a snack, treat or other forbidden food at a time when I wouldn’t want to share with the boys. I’ll give you a “for instance”: when I want some chocolate close to dinnertime…or when I have a hankerin' for some chips *before* I eat my lunch…or well, you get the idea. When my older son R was still a very young child, I could blissfully indulge in whatever I wanted whenever I wanted since he was none the wiser. Once he got a bit older, I could still treat myself to an off-timed treat as long as he didn’t have any visual evidence. But I can still remember the day, when he was probably about 3, and I had snuck a piece of chocolate in my mouth when he wasn’t in the room. He came into the kitchen, and while I thought I had carefully hidden my tracks, he exclaimed, “what smells like chocolate??" Now R's investigative skills have advanced to audible evidence, such as a chip bag rustling as I sneak a chip or two while I am preparing dinner. In a manner that would make Pavlov proud, it usually takes R all of 5 seconds between my dive into a chip bag and his inquiry. The scenario usually unfolds as such: The scene: R and G are playing in the other room. SPC begins to make dinner. SPC's tummy rumbles, so SPC reaches for the bag of chips. Bag of chips: "rustle, rustle" R: "Mom! Can I have some?" SPC, feigning ignorance: "Some of what?" R, undettered: "Whatever you are eating!" What I need to do is start eating vegetables out of chip bags, so I can use R's auditory skills to my advantage. My new trick, when I *must* have a quick snack, is to step inside the pantry, grab a bite in cognito, and then continue cooking. So, please tell me I am not alone...what's your trick for stealthy snacking?? SPC