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Slow down, you move too fast

December 02,2011

This weekend is the first weekend in December, still several weeks away from Christmas, and already I am hearing friends say things like, “I can’t shake feeling overwhelmed” or “I feel so stressed!”  This is the season of peace, joy and love?

It is so easy so understand why so many of us feel stressed this time of year.  Life is wonderful, but it is not easy, especially when you are a parent.  Good parenting takes a lot of time, effort and patience, all of which are spread thin during the month of December.  Just regular day to day family life can be a challenge, but when you add Christmas shopping, parties to plan or attend, gifts to wrap and mail, decorations to hang and travel, well, it should be nothing short of a Christmas miracle if you do feel peace, love and joy this time of year.

This is not to say it is impossible to feel peaceful during the holidays, but I do think you have to be mindful about it.  Since a fair amount of stress is brought on by holiday kitchen tasks, I have a short phrase to help you get through this holiday season:

“Cut yourself some slack”

If you only make one type of Christmas cookie, and its dough came in a roll that you bought at a store, that’s okay.  If you don’t host any holiday teas or parties, you will be okay.  If you just don’t have it in you to cook dinner after a busy day of shopping or decorating, look to your freezer, local restaurant or carry-out service for a meal.  In other words, don’t try to by a super hero this holiday season.

This year I had grand plans to research and bake lots of new cookies, but its okay if I don’t get to it this year, those cookie recipes will be there next year.  I had a plan to sew cloth napkins as gifts to some family members, but I am waving a white flag (instead of hip, napkin fabric) in the air and will perhaps work on that some other time; after all, there are some other great gift ideas!

So, I know, I am a food blogger and I share lots of homemade recipes and tips for making your holidays homemade.  But I hereby give you permission to forgo the homemade and save your peace this holiday season.

Here’s to true peace, love and joy for you and yours--