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Same Method, Different Purpose

April 27,2009
I realized the other day that my purpose and tool may be different, but the method is the same... Allow me to explain: I love to cook (duh) so when R and G were infants, I made all their baby food. If the thought of making homemade baby food intimidates or flat out baffles you, let me assure you, it is completely doable. One of the tools that makes homemade baby food making so easy are ice cube trays. Once the baby food has been pureed, you pop the puree into the trays, freeze them and then pop out the frozen cubes into freezer bags for ready to go servings of baby food. I've already mentioned how I like freeze extra rice, grits and pasta in muffin pans for quick single serving use in a pinch. But I've taken the idea a step further. Frozen leftover carnitas, frozen for a quick weeknight sandwich or quesadillla: Or my favorite new trick, frozen chopped onions. Buy a bag of bulk onions: Peel and cut in quarters: Pulse in a food processor: Freeze in muffin tins for 1/2 cup servings of pre-chopped onions: Since many recipes call for a chopped onion, I now have these at my fingertips for easy quick cooking. Onions are sturdy enough to hold up well to freezing, without losing their flavor. So while I have moved on from ice cube trays to muffin trays, the ease and convenience of having things ready to go in the freezer helps this mom get food to the table fast. SPC