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Red, Ice and Blue

July 01,2009
The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. When we moved to Columbus 2+ years ago, I realized I must have moved to the right area of the city because our neighborhood has a huge Fourth of July parade and celebrates the holiday big. To get in the spirit last year, I created red, white and blueberry popsicles, made with berries, sweetened yogurt and crushed blueberries. They were delicious and R still talks about them, even a year later. If you want to make some festive pops this weekend, click on this link to get the recipe for my version of natural bomb pops. This year, since we will be returning home from a week away on the evening of the 3rd, I needed an idea that was quick and easy to whip up for the 4th. So I decided to make some festive looking ice cubes for our drinks on Independence Day. I took blueberries and strawberry pieces and added them to some ice cube trays: You can use straight water or add some of the simple syrup from Monday's post to have a touch of sweetness. Once they are frozen: Add them to a glass of water or other clear liquid: And the bonus is that when they melt, there is a yummy treat to eat at the bottom of your glass! The boys enjoyed these ice cubes so much, I may add this to my mental list of ways to get them interested in drinking more water all summer long.