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Quick Turkey Recap

November 29,2010
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you feast and dine on culinary delights? Do you have copious leftovers? If you are tired of Thanksgiving-ish type leftovers of turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, do yourself a big favor and freeze the leftovers for future use. Those leftovers will taste ten times better as a quick weekday dinner from the freezer than they will as day #4 of Thanksgiving leftovers. Later this week I’ll share two recipes to use your leftovers in a new, novel way. As I clean up from house guest and dinner guests, and prepare to decorate for Christmas, I share a quick post and a quick photo from our holiday feast. This year, as in the recent past, SPH smoked our turkey for Thanksgiving. This is our favorite way to share in the celebration and makes for a very interesting looking (but most tasty) turkey: SPC